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Expect the best in CNC plastic machining, custom plastic injection molding, stamping & die-cutting.

Plastic Engineering Solutions

Jaco Products, plastic manufacturing
company in Ohio, has consistently built
its reputation for excellence in the
fabrication of production components
and distribution of materials.

Our Services

Jaco's Services: custom plastic injection molding, CNC plastic machining of thermoplastics, thermosets and many other engineered materials, plastic stamping, steel rule die-cutting and material distribution.

Mold & Platen Insulation

We offer a comprehensive selection of
thermal insulation materials: Glastherm,
Thermalate, Brandenburger® S-4000,
Calcium Silicate, Isomag, Glass Reinforced
Laminate, Mica, Zicar and Pyropel.

Learn what makes Jaco the best plastic parts supplier for your next project


Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Ohio

If you are searching for custom plastic injection molding companies in Ohio, Jaco is your one-stop-shop for plastic parts. We can provide high quality, complex injection molded plastic products that meet your all your requirements including cost, quality, quantity (prototypes and short-runs) and fast turnaround. In addition to custom plastic injection molding services, we offer a full range of secondary services such as stamping, CNC plastic machining, assembly and kitting to meet all your needs.

Custom Plastics Manufacturing

Custom plastics manufacturing is our core service. We can take your concept or design and quickly turn it into a working plastic product. Whether you are looking for custom plastic molding, plastic machining, die-cutting or stamping, we are the right custom plastics company to produce your parts. We offer a full range of services from injection mold manufacturing and sourcing to design support and plastic part prototyping.

Thermal Insulation Materials

Jaco is a leader in thermal insulation materials. As a Glastherm and Haysite distributor, we have a full stock of thermal insulation materials ready to cut-to-size or machine-to-fit and ship. We stock a wide range of thermal insulation board and thermal insulation sheet and can consult on the best heat insulation materials for your application. We are experts in mold and platen insulation we can help engineer the right insulation to improve product quality with uniform heat distribution while lowering your energy and molding costs.

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